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Letter Openers

Opening envelopes is a time-consuming process in most offices and company mail rooms. Several different letter openers can make short work of all those envelopes, speeding up response times and making sure important information gets to the necessary people quicker. Staples carries a broad range of openers and office supplies that meet the needs of most users.

Understanding the Types of Letter Openers
There are simple handle-style openers that slide under the edge of the envelope and make a single cut. These options typically have a long handle that fits comfortably in most hands and works well for areas with a low to medium volume of mail. Models with hidden blades have a curved design that keeps the sharp edge away from fingers and hands. This type of opener in manual, and slices through coin envelopes of all thicknesses.

Electric openers have blades that cut through envelopes quickly. They can handle up to 17,500 or more envelopes per hour, making them a good choice for busy mailrooms. Products that cut a single envelope at a time require someone to feed each one through, while industrial models let users place a stack on the machine for opening. Look for an electric letter opener that cuts the edge of the envelope, or that features adjustments to avoid damaging the contents.

Choosing Letter Openers for Specific Tasks
Handle and concealed-blade openers protect return address labels from damage, ensuring users can save valuable information for future mailings and correspondence. These options also minimize damage to stamps, making them a good choice for collectors. Electric models slice through a range of thicknesses, including traditional, manila and other heavy envelope stock. Some options can damage address labels and stamps, but speed up mail distribution considerably.

Are Manual Letter Openers a Good Option?
Manual letter openers are a good choice for keeping on individual desks or for locations that receive only a few pieces of mail each week. These models are available in unique designs and bright colors, which add a decorative touch to any office. Look for options that match the existing decor or personality of the user for more personalization in each office or cubicle.

What Are the Benefits of Concealed Blade Letter Openers?
Models with a concealed blade often have a smaller design that fits easily in most desk drawers. The concealed blade protects against nicks and cuts during storage and use. These options slide along the top edge of the envelopes, ensuring stamps and other information remain intact after opening.

Is an Electric Letter Opener Necessary?
Electric models make quick work of stacks of envelopes, which speeds up mailroom processes. Single-envelope models provide quick opening that works well in smaller offices, yet still minimizes the time it takes to open the mail. Options that handle multiple envelopes at a time let users complete other tasks to maximize productivity. Busy mail rooms for large corporations can shorten response times for correspondence and ensure accounts payable and receivable staff have the information they need as quickly as possible.
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