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Masking Tape

Use masking and painter tape to seal, bundle, and hold a variety of materials with ease. Weather-resistant construction protects items from damage caused by moisture. The tape applies quickly and can be removed from surfaces without leaving behind a sticky residue.

No Residue
Tidy up after a project quickly with masking and painter tape that doesn't leave behind stubborn residue that turns cleanup into a nightmare. With safe-release technology, many scotch and painter tapes can be left on surfaces for up to a month without causing damage.

Labeling Made Simple
Perfect for general utility applications, masking and painter tape offers a smooth surface ideal for labeling. You can quickly tear off tape pieces and label your storage closet containers, or you can write over the tape to provide instructions for multiple workers on a long project. For a painting project, label the color required for each wall without having to use other resources. Inks from permanent markers don't leak through, so your surfaces are protected.

Weather-Resistant Construction
The strong, durable materials of masking and painter tape are designed to repel moisture while delivering optimal surface protection. Weather-resistant scotch and painter tape can withstand rain and UV exposure without degrading, curling, or coming off the surface.

Multifunctional Options
Economy-grade masking and painter tape has multiple functions. You can adhere the tape to glass, metal, plastic, wood, and wall materials with ease. Alternative adhesives and tapes can also be used to seal out moisture or block off surfaces from being damaged by projects going on in the office or at home. Masking tape is perfect for school projects and at-home crafts made by little ones, or it can also be used to label and organize storage closets.

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