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Clips, Rings & Pins

Clips, rings, and pins can be used in a variety of construction projects to help you secure and seal metal pieces, bolts, pipes, and other items. Purchase cotter pins, steel roll pins, and o-rings in boxes with an assortment of sizes, so you'll always have the right size for the job. The boxes make it easy to keep these accessories organized.

Easy to Use
Clips, rings, and pins use plated steel to ensure each item is strong and flexible. While clips and rings can often be positioned by hand, keep a mallet in your equipment kit to make it easy to insert pins where they're needed.

Suitable for all Types of Jobs
When you need a little something to hold or seal part of a project, you are sure to find the right clips, rings, and pins in this category. The wide variety of widths, lengths, and diameters available ensures that the perfect accessory exists to complete the job.

Portable Help
You can throw a handful of these clips, rings, and pins in your toolbox for your next job. It's just as easy to take the boxed assortment with you, so you can handle any problem that comes up.
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