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Grease Guns & Fittings

Grease guns and fittings are essential tools for keeping mechanical equipment operating at its best. These tools help ensure that you can get lubrication to moving parts in industrial or manufacturing settings, and they are used widely for automotive and lawn care equipment maintenance.

Helps Keep Hands Clean
Modern grease guns and fittings have trigger or pump designs featuring hoses and nozzles that let you direct the flow of the grease. These components help keep your hands away from the greasy areas. Since not all grease is safe for contact with skin, this is very important when working with industrial equipment.

Enables Precise Application
Grease guns make it easier to get into hard-to-reach places to apply grease exactly where it is needed. Lubrication is important for many moving parts, but lubricants applied to the wrong areas or surfaces can damage them, making precision paramount. For applying lubricants and corrosion inhibitors that have a more liquid consistency, check out oilers and sprayers.

Extends Reach
Many fittings for grease guns extend their reach beyond the default nozzle setting. Connect these hoses and attachments when you need to reach farther into spaces where your hands do not easily fit. Extending the reach of the application mechanism further enhances accuracy and relieves physical stress on grease-gun operators.

Changes Flow
Grease gun fittings can also dramatically change the way the grease flows from the gun. Specialized nozzles may cause the grease to flow only from one side of the hose or modify the pressure built up in the pump or trigger mechanism, changing the volume output to ensure the gun delivers just the right amount of grease for the job.

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