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Maxi Pads

Maxi pads deliver the absorbency you need to keep clothing and bedding clean and fresh. Pads from Medline, Naturelle, and Hospital Specialty deliver efficient performance without sacrificing comfort. Latex-free options are suitable for use by individuals with allergies to latex.

High Absorbency
Maxi pads designed for maternity patients are crafted to absorb heavy postpartum flows, so they protect against leaks while allowing new mothers to concentrate on caring for their newborns without worrying about intensive self-care. Individually wrapped pads make it easy for female patients to take a few pads with them when leaving the room, and the wrappers keep each pad protected and sanitary during transport. Bulk packs ensure that you always have pads available for each patient who needs them.

Comfort is a major consideration when it comes to maxi pads, and details such as soft cotton padding and thin profiles make using these necessary accessories as pleasant as possible. A moisture-wicking surface pulls liquids away from the skin, preventing irritation, while integrated wings give you extra coverage on the sides. Stock up on both maxi pads and tampons to let female patients choose their preferred feminine hygiene product while under your care.

Adhesive Options
Adhesive maxi pads offer a high level of protection from leaks and attach quickly to the patient's underwear for easy application, but they also make single-handed removal possible when it's time to change the pad. Classic sanitary pads designed for use with a belt come without adhesives and are built to ensure that the pad stays in place when the patient moves, reducing the need for unexpected adjustments caused by pad slippage.

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