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Post-Op Shoes

Post-op shoes make it easy to recover at home by allowing you to move around, helping you maintain your strength, and protecting your feet. These shoes offer an adjustable fit and are constructed with supportive materials to help you recover safely.

Easy to Wear
Adjustable post-op shoes come with hook and loop straps so that you can put them on without needing extra help and you can adjust the fit to your feet. Long hook and loop straps allow you to wear bulky casts or dressings around your feet while wearing these post-op shoes. With large openings and uncomplicated designs, you can slip your feet into post-op shoes effortlessly.

Made with breathable materials such as nylon mesh and latex and featuring an open toe style, post-op shoes allow air to circulate around your feet and toes to decrease sweating and odor. The uppers are designed to minimally cover the top of your foot to increase air circulation. It takes less time to care for your feet because they are dry.

Choose post-op shoes that are lightweight and designed to provide cushion to arches and heels. The uppers are cut so that a minimal amount of material is left. This increases the airflow around your feet, keeping them cool and comfortable. Increase your comfort by adding a therapeutic shoe insole for extra ventilation underneath your foot.

Protects Your Feet
Post-op shoes feature skid-resistant soles to prevent you from slipping on unstable surfaces and falling down during recovery. Supportive material around the heel of these post-op shoes decrease the risk of your feet slipping out of the shoe. The uppers are designed to mold around your feet for comfort and safety.

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