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Media Storage Furniture

Use media storage products to arrange your media collection just the way you want it. Keeping everything accessible ensures that you'll be able to work more efficiently and make better use of your downtime. From metal storage cabinets to multicomponent systems to cubby storage, there are products to suit any work or home environment.

Keep CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs organized with media storage shelves andracks that are built to hold them without wasting space. Media storagefurniture has shelves sized to hold popular media formats without the needto stack or double them up. This also leaves media labels visible, so finding afavorite movie or an important data disc is quick and simple. For smallercollections or portable storage needs, media disc binders and storage boxes area compact option. Staples offers a wide selection of CD and DVD storagecabinets, boxes and binders for home and business use.

Exceptional Storage Capacity
Media storage furniture comes in many sizes, from a single shelf for afew dozen DVDs to multisectional racks that accommodate hundreds of discs. Whencomparing CD and DVD storage cabinets, be choose ones that hold theright type of media as CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs and video games all usedifferent-size cases. Many media storage shelves and racks haveadjustable shelves that hold all kinds of discs, but some have fixed shelvesdesigned for a particular media format. For example, media storage boxesare usually sized to hold a specific type of disc. For discs without cases, amedia binder may be the ideal choice because it uses transparent sleeves tosecure discs, and it's easy to expand capacity by adding sleeves.

A Match for any Room
Media storage shelves and racks are available in a variety of styles andfinishes, so it's easy to find a product that matches almost any room. Choose awood finish that coordinates with existing furniture or pick an unobtrusivesolid color that will blend into any decor. If floor space is limited, considertaller CD and DVD storage cabinet designs that have smaller footprints,or choose a shorter unit and use its upper surface as a side desk. Somecabinets add space for stereo components or game consoles, making theseproducts an excellent choice for a family room or presentation room.

Secure Storage Options
When storing critical discs, such as backup media or confidential data, a safeplace is essential. Many media cabinets have doors that hide media collectionsfrom prying eyes, while locking media storage furniture provides anextra layer of protection for discs and tapes. If more secure storage isrequired, use media storage boxes and binders to keep materialsorganized in a locked storage room.

CD and DVD storage cabinets are specifically designed to holddiscs and other media, eliminating wasted space. With many styles and finishesavailable, media storage furniture can be used in both home and officesettings, and some multimedia cabinets include locks for increasedsecurity. Staples offers a range of media storage shelves and racksdesigned to meet almost any storage need.
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