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Medical Labels and Tab Protectors

File labels, binder tabs, and chart divider sets in the medical labels and tab protectors category help health professional organize and sort medical records. These supplies from manufacturers such as Ames and Tabbies offer tools that every medical office needs to keep patient documents in order. Medical professionals can work more efficiently when it's easy to find the right file for the job.

Long-Lasting Identifiers
Medical labels and tab protectors are polyester laminated, so you don't have to worry about the labels and tabs fading or decaying over time. Your files and document sets will stay effectively organized and sorted for years.

Permanent Adhesive
Alpha, numeric, and year-coded labels feature permanent adhesive and release-coated paper backing to ensure that the labels won't fall off the file over time. Medical labels and tab protectors also come in multiple colors for additional organizing options.

Convenient Organization
Tabs and chart divider sets help you organize documents for easy study or presentation. Use these products with various size three-ring binders.
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