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Tubular Bandages & Netting

Use tubular bandages and netting for joint support, or to secure dressings anywhere on the body. These dressings are flexible and adaptable to cope with varying levels of physical activity. Choose from reputable brands such as Medline and DMI.

Tubular Bandages
Tubular bandages provide compression and support for a number of issues including sprains and edema. Pick this type of bandage if you sprain your ankle or pull a muscle. Do keep in mind that some tubular bandages contain latex, so if you have an allergy, read labels. Tubular bandages have some elasticity and can help prevent scarring.

Elastic Netting
Elastic netting serves as a flexible option when you need joint or muscle support. If you are active and want to decrease healing time for any problem that requires a dressing, choose netting. Made from versatile materials, such as rayon and spandex, elastic netting comes in many different sizes and can also be easily fitted to your body. Netting is latex-free, so you do not need to fear an allergic reaction.

Tube Foam
Tube foam offers the same support and protection as tubular bandages, but with more breathable material. Tube foam permits comfort and flexibility during activity and reduces pressure on the irritated area. Use tube foam on the fingers, along with finger splints or if you have a bunion on your toe. The fabric is a tubular shape so it fits well on the hands and feet. Tube foam can also be used for certain tools such as rakes and even workout equipment. Light yet durable, tube foam provides comfort whether you are wearing it or gripping it.

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