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Keep antibiotics available at your business, so staff can immediately take preventative measures to avoid infections. A thin layer of ointment or spray is enough to shield rashes, shallow cuts, and minor burns from infection-spreading bacteria. With reliable products from brands like Curad and Medline, you can handle small accidents quickly and still have a productive day.

Reduce Infection Risks
Topical antibiotics are essential first-aid supplies for handling minor scrapes and burns that don't require a doctor's visit. Once applied to your skin, antibiotics help to speed up healing and eliminate or block damaging bacteria that can lead to unpleasant infections. The single-use packets make it easy to dispense the right amount of ointment to individual workers.

Find Effective Treatment
Not all cuts and scrapes are the same, so use double or triple antibiotics for stronger protection against bacteria. Stronger products combine several antibiotics, such as neomycin sulfate and bacitracin zinc, to offer greater coverage against different types of common bacteria.

Choose Nonallergenic Products
Antibiotics are available in both spray and cream format for easy application on the skin. With latex-free antibiotics, you can treat infections without causing harmful allergic reactions.
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