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Biohazard Liners

Ensure regulation compliance and employee safety by using biohazard liners and infectious waste bags throughout your facility to clearly indicate contaminated items and regulated waste.

Bold, clear, and easily legible
Make sure contaminated waste is unmistakable, even at a glance. Infectious waste bags and liners are available not only in the standard vivid red but also several other bold and eye-catching colors. Every bag is clearly printed with informational text and the universal biohazard symbol in bold black. Labeling in one or more languages in large, readable letters ensures quick and easy recognition by all employees and passers-by.

Tough, reliable, and secure
Manufactured to a very high standard from quality materials, infectious waste bags and liners are high-performance, durable, and highly resistant to punctures and tears. Whether used as-is or in conjunction with sleek and professional-looking medical waste containers, these bags and liners safely and securely hold contaminated items or infectious waste.

Convenient packaging for quick and easy use
Neatness and ease of access are important when dealing with contaminated or high-risk materials. Speed and efficiency are critical to every facility or workplace. Choose biohazard liners that are packaged individually pre-folded in specially-designed containers for quick, one-handed access. These containers dispense only one bag at a time with no mess, fuss, or waste.

Infectious waste bags and biohazard liners are available in a wide range of different sizes and capacities to complement a variety of medical waste containers and suit the unique space and needs of your facility. Choose from several bold, vivid colors to differentiate between different types or origins of waste, to coordinate with workplace decor, or simply according to personal preference.

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