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Cotton Balls

Cotton balls are soft and compact medical accessories that are great for cleaning minor scrapes. Whether it's a paper cut or a wound from a power tool, using a cotton ball can cleanly apply antiseptic before you bandage the wounded area. The balls come in large packs, so you'll have plenty for your emergency kit.

Sterile or Nonsterile
Cotton balls can be sterile or nonsterile, and both are fine options for cleaning a small wound. Whichever you choose, you can use it to gently apply a disinfectant on the injured area to ensure the wound can heal properly. You can also use first-aid tape to secure a cotton ball on a wound to stop bleeding.

Large Quantities
You'll find packages of up to four thousand cotton balls for your medical or office needs. Store them in your office supply closet for an emergency or in jars for easy access.

Multiple Uses
Whether you're in a medical center or a business office, having cotton balls nearby gives you the means to clean wounds and stop bleeding. You can also use them to blot up spilt ink or to clean up errant cosmetic spills in your office.
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