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Exam Gowns & Drapes

Keep patients comfortable and prepare exam rooms between each consultation with exam gowns and drapes. Each item is packaged in high-volume containers, so you'll have an ample supply on hand. Choose from a wide range of products, including capes, gowns, shorts, and drape sheets.

Disposable Materials
Exam gowns and drapes made of lightweight disposable materials to take the hassle out of cleanup. Simply toss the drape or gown into the trash—no washing required. For health care facilities that do not involve dangerous substances or fluids, machine-washable gowns can offer protection and reduce waste.

Manufactured from soft fabric or tissue, these gowns and drapes feel gentle and comfortable against the skin. Gowns, shorts, and bibs are designed to be loose so as not to restrict movement or bind patients. Prevent patients from slipping on the exam table by choosing drapes with textured backs.

Protective Designs
Exam gowns and drapes are designed to create a clean surface for each patient, reducing the spread of germs and infection. Choose gowns and drapes with three or more layers of tissue for increased protection, or opt for thinner models when you are concerned mainly with cleanliness. For high-risk situations, products with poly barriers help prevent fluids from sinking into the bed or the skin. If you need extra absorption, add professional towels to your exam room stock.

Convenient Designs
Each of these exam gowns and drapes is designed to go on quickly, so you can get set up and back to work quickly. Flat exam sheets fold under the edges of a mattress to create a tight fit and pull off in seconds at the end of a consultation. Help your patients get dressed with elastic-waist shorts and gowns that tie or snap in the back.

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