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Surgical Instrument Sterilization

With surgical instrument sterilization solutions and accessories, your operating theater stays sanitized. Stock up on presoak formulas, spray solutions, and cleaning tools to maintain proper hygiene. Clean, disinfect, and deodorize tools regularly with solutions designed for medical facilities.

Clean Tools Effectively
Ensure that scalpels, probes, tweezers, and other medical tools are completely free of germs, debris, and bodily fluids with surgical instrument sterilization solutions that come in liquid or tablet form. Presoak tools immediately after operating to start the cleaning process right away, then clean them completely by hand or in a medical-grade machine with an effective sterilizing detergent after surgery is complete. Nontoxic formulas are safe to use in areas that patients can access, including maternity wards and neonatal units, and bulk jugs make it easy to standardize the cleaning process across your entire facility.

Track Sterilization Processes
Track surgical instrument sterilization using envelopes and cards that indicate which tools have already been cleaned and disinfected. Record cards and autoclave tapes that change color during steam or gas cleaning give you a visual indicator of the status of each instrument, while recording envelopes let you easily write down the sterilization history of specific equipment. Buy bulk packs of indicator strips to ensure consistent, reliable availability in a busy medical office or laboratory.

Safely Store Sterile Equipment
Protect specialized surgical tools between uses with lubricants that stave off rust and corrosion. Store tools in surgical trays and containers to keep each item safe, secure, and within easy reach, and attach indicator cards to each sealed box or container so you know that everything inside is ready for use.

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