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Use these swabs in your medical office for a quick, easy option when dealing with patients. Many of these are latex-free, so they are safe for people with latex allergies and can be used on a wider range of clients. Swabs are also often lint free, which keeps them sterile when opened.

Many swabs are packaged and shipped pre-treated with medication. This means you never have to keep a spare medicine bottle on hand to provide your patients with comfort and healing. These treated swabs typically include oral medication that keeps patients feeling fresh, even when they are on a fluid-light diet that leaves them with dry, cracked lips.

Individually Wrapped
These swabs often come individually wrapped, making them ideal for specimen collection without the risk of cross-contamination. Keep a few swabs in your pocket without worrying that they may be contaminated by lint or dust. Individually wrapped swabs are also ideal for emergency kits and offices where storage is limited, so you can keep a handful readily available without a bulky container.

Long Reach
Some swabs feature a long reach on the handles that adds versatility to their use. Use these long reach swabs to reach awkward places in a patient's mouth or to reach around complicated medical equipment to care for chapped lips or collect a sample.

These swabs are sterile, so you never need to sterilize them separately before use. This makes them safe for use in mouths and on other sensitive areas, such as new wounds that could be easily infected. Sterile swabs prevent contamination and ensure your patients remain healthy and safe throughout their treatment.

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