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Conference Room Tables

Meeting Rooms and Conference Rooms can be the focal point of any business, so businesses need the very best in conference room tables to put forth the best impression and provide an excellent meeting space for employees to get organized. Whether you are meeting with a colleague or two in your office, or presenting to groups of 20 or more, Staples has the conference table for you.

Conference rooms are often a core feature of the workplace, so the right furniture choice can add significant functionality. Staples has large and small conference table deals that can turn a simple meeting room into an efficient and practical work area or an imposing center of power that will impress the toughest clients. When choosing a conference room table, consider both the size and shape of the room and the intended use of the table and the space. Modern businesses demand flexibility, so consider alternative conference room uses when making a table purchase. Choosing a round office conference room table that can also be used in a private office or a rectangular table that can double as a temporary desk or a training room table can reduce costs in the long run.

A Shape for Every Space

Every business has unique needs, and there are large and small conference table deals available to match almost any purpose and space. Round office conference room tables are ideal for small working conference areas or meeting spaces in private offices because they facilitate focused communication. Rectangular or boat-shaped wooden conference tables provide more seating and can enhance a room's appearance. They may be a better choice for executive conference rooms or client meeting areas. If a room is used for multiple tasks, modular conference tables may be a good choice. These flexible table systems can be reconfigured to serve as training room tables, temporary office space or focused project work areas. Consider using conference tables outside the conference room too. A small multipurpose table in an open space can serve as a casual meeting or lounge area for employees, and a round office conference room table in the kitchen will provide staff with a place to eat that's away from their desks.

Durable and Attractive Finishes

Conference tables come in a variety of finishes, making it easy to find large and small conference table deals that match any meeting room's decor and intended use. Wood laminate surfaces are an excellent choice for executive spaces; wood's rich color and warm feel dresses up any space. Use round office conference room tables finished in plastic laminates anywhere a little rough handling or the occasional spill is likely. These surfaces are almost indestructible and are easily cleaned too. For offices with a modern look, a glass table is a good match as glass is impervious to spills and simple to clean.

More than a Table

Many large and small conference table deals available today include features that provide additional functionality. Some conference room tables include cable management features that keep computer wiring out from underfoot during meetings, and others have adjustable height so they can be used while seated or standing. Flipper-style multipurpose tables have folding tops so they can be stored more easily, making them an excellent choice for training room tables.

Our conference tables come in a variety of sizes and colors, ranging from small round laminate meeting tables to conference tables in rich wood tones 18 feet or more in length. Some even feature integrated technology features such as wire management. Whatever your meeting or conference needs, Staples has your solution for conference room tables, and for other tables designed to accommodate employees or guests, browse our restaurant tables & chairs or our breakroom furniture & cafeteria tables.

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