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Adhesive Tape

Adhesive tape holds dressing in place while promoting healing. Refill your first-aid kit for occasional minor wounds or stock up on surgical supplies for a medical practice. Find a wide variety of tape styles for your particular wound-care needs.

Security Without Harming Skin
Quality adhesive tape holds dressings securely without tearing or irritating the skin beneath it when it's time for a dressing change. Choose from styles that come off easily and leave little residue to clean up. Many adhesive tape styles are latex-free for sensitive or allergic patients. Some plastic designs are transparent, so you can inspect the skin without removing the tape.

Breathable and Zinc-Filled to Promote Healing
Some adhesive tape styles are designed specifically for wound care and surgical incisions. These products are made of breathable materials such as cotton and paper to allow air to reach the skin to keep it healthy. Many of these type of adhesive tapes include an infusion of zinc, which helps to prevent infection.

Designed Right for the Job
In addition to adhesive tape for surgical applications, browse styles to fit particular tasks, such as holding tubes in place. Some styles are extremely lightweight and designed for the sensitive skin of babies or geriatric patients. Other adhesive tapes are best to secure secondary dressings such as gauze.

Products for Home and Work
Keep your first-aid kit stocked with adhesive tape to help wounds heal quickly. Choose styles that are 100 percent waterproof to protect during bathing or flexible strips designed to stay in place during sports or work activity. Choose from a variety of lengths, widths and dispensers.

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