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Cotton Gloves

Canvas gloves come in many sizes, and they prevent you from hurting your hands while working in the garden or with sharp objects. Many styles are cut resistant and provide other protective qualities. The comfortable sizes and styles keep you safe without feeling like your gloves are too tight or loose.

Protective Qualities
Canvas gloves help prevent damage to the hands, so you can work longer. Use canvas gloves around your home, job site, or anyplace you need a versatile glove.

Comfortable Sizing
You can choose from multiple sizes of gloves to keep your hands comfortable. There are medium, large, extra-large, and one-size-fits-all options. Be sure to check out Staples wide selection of other gloves if canvas gloves aren’t the best option for your needs.

Comfortable Wrist
The comfortable knit-wrist style of canvas gloves is ideal for those who wear gloves often, as they stay snug around the wrist. They are soft and won't scratch.
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