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PVC Gloves

PVC gloves provide a durable layer of protection between your skin and workplace hazards, such as industrial chemicals. The latex-free design won't cause irritation and the gauntlet style offers coverage for your wrists. Brands like Memphis Glove provide several sizes and coating strengths for a comfortable fit and effective damage resistance.

Prevent Workplace Accidents
Provide the safest work environment for employees with protective equipment that prevents common incidents, including chemical burns and abrasions. PVC gloves are treated with a reliable coating that's resistant to liquids, punctures, temperature changes, and normal wear.

Double Coating
Provide your staff with double-dipped PVC gloves for tough jobs or frequent exposure to dangerous liquids and objects. The resilient material reduces the risk of serious injuries if workers are accidently poked by sharp materials.

Nonslip Finish
Choose PVC gloves with rough or sandy finishes to increase friction, preventing your workers from dropping slippery items. A firm grip is essential when carrying oils, acids, and other chemicals that create hazards when dropped. Keep your hands cushioned and avoid moisture buildup with options that feature jersey interior lining.
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