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High-quality microphones are ideal for instrument miking, delivering podcasts, and a variety of other functions. Choose from brands you trust, such as Audio-Technica, Nady, and Sony. Microphones are available for all functions, from high-impact sound on stage to audio recording in the studio.

Perfect For Business Meetings
You will find a variety of microphones that are well-suited for business meetings. With optimal clarity, vocal microphones are great for speakers, singers, or even recording speech or music. A quality microphone can make a big difference in the success of your event. Keep your participants engaged by having great sound quality, ensuring that speakers can be heard comfortably in every part of the room. If you're recording a meeting, it's important that speakers can be clearly heard over background noise.

Wireless Options
Make life easier with several convenient wireless microphones, many of which provide extreme clarity. Wireless microphones eliminate the need for wires and cords, as they will operate efficiently at ranges up to approximately 100 feet. Speakers using this wireless technology can work the audience without being bound to one spot by a cord. Wireless microphones offer users the convenience of hands-free recording as well as clear audio.

Lightweight Computer Microphones
For the office or home office, computer microphones are perfect for delivering podcasts or participating in video conferences. Easy to use, computer microphones will plug right into the microphone input and provide clear, crisp results when speaking with customers and co-workers. For a call center environment, a computer microphone will work well with a VoIP application. Unidirectional desktop microphones pick up sound uniformly, which is optimal in a business setting. Pair your microphone with a set of professional-quality speakers for top-of-the-line performance.

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