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Efficiency for Home or OfficeThe selection of microwaves and other kitchen appliances such as four-piece toasters are perfect for breakroom areas. They provide convenience for your employees and guests. For home use, the microwave has become an essential tool not only for quick meals but also for thawing and heating.

Traditional countertop microwaves allow your employees to quickly heat up sandwiches, pasta, and other meals, giving them more time to relax during their lunch hour without having to continually order out or leave the office for lunch. In the home, many prepared meals can be quickly heated in minutes, which is ideal for evenings during which everyone is pressed for time. Microwaves are now often called for in traditional recipes to soften butter, heat milk, or quickly bring any ingredient to the proper temperature or consistency quickly and efficiently. Use your microwave to prepare side dishes to accompany your evening meals in a timely manner.

Convection combination microwaves offer convection system options that allow you to bake, brown, crisp, roast, and broil dishes to emulate the effects of conventional ovens in a fraction of the time. Sensor cooking functions allow you to choose the perfect option for the dish, amount, and type of cooking. Choose from the selection of handsome microwaveable bakeware to bring your dishes from the oven directly to the table.

Compact or Full Size
To save counter space in smaller and less-trafficked work areas or kitchens, choose from the selection of compact microwaves. For busier areas, full-size microwaves let you prepare bigger dishes or more than one similar item at the time.

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