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Internet modems let you communicate over broadband or data lines to fax documents or access the Internet. With the right DSL / cable modems controlling access to your broadband service, your whole office can surf the Web, stream multimedia, and make VoIP and data calls at the same time. Internet modems from manufacturers such as Lenovo, Motorola, and Zoom provide wired and wireless solutions for network Internet access.

Cable Modems
A cable modem works with the broadband service provided by cable companies and are compatible with most PC and Mac systems. Choose one based on a variety of distinguishing features, such as maximum data transfer rates or security protocols. If you purchase your own cable modem, you won't have to buy or lease one from your provider, which can ultimately save you money.

Broadband DSL Modems
Get the most out of your phone service by adding broadband DSL. Broadband DSL modems are equipped with a phone jack and an Ethernet port, so you have the flexibility to connect the modem to your peripheral devices in multiple ways. Certain models, such as Netgear broadband DSL modems, are compatible with wireless routers, so you can share Internet access with multiple devices.

Wireless Modem Routers
If you want to cut down on the number of devices connected to your network, choose a wireless modem router to control Internet access. An internet modems such as the Linksys X2000 act as a modem & router all in one, connecting to the Internet and sharing that connection with other devices wirelessly. Pair a wireless modem router with a Wi-Fi signal booster or other networking accessories to extend connectivity throughout your workplace.

Why spend more money to buy or lease an internet modem from your internet provider? Purchase one from Staples instead to save money and power all of your network hardware, from routers to access points to wireless security cameras, with the speed and efficiency that your office or home network demands. Shop today!

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