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Monitor Cables

Share videos and other information when you connect two monitors with monitor cables. Cables work with different types of outputs and help you connect a monitor or even a flat-screen TV to a computer when both devices use different types of plugs, and connect monitors with different outputs.

High-Quality Picture and Sound
Monitor cables provide you with the high-quality picture and sound that you crave when watching videos and sharing audio files across two monitors. Once plugged into both monitors, lag times and decreased quality in the video feeds you share are a thing of the past.

Connect Multiple Components
Quickly and easily connect two devices together. Simply plug one end of the cable into your computer monitor and the other end of the cable into your computer. Monitor cables also connect two monitors together, and can easily be switched between different monitors and computers to connect to the device you need to access.

Choose Your Length
Select the cable length that works best for you. Choose a shorter cable for components sharing the same desk, or a longer cable to share videos from across the room. Use your cables with monitor mounts and stands to keep your monitor elevated to the right height and to leave enough space for all the cables that you use every day.

Enjoy Compatibility
Stop worrying about male and female outputs with the right monitor cable. Adaptable ends let you quickly and easily turn a male plug into a female plug or a female into a male to use with any computer or monitor.

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