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Using high-quality needles is a must for both seasoned crafters and beginners alike. Choose from a wide selection of needles fit for any project from felting to crochet and embroidery. Full kits are also available for those who wish to get started right away.

Felting Accessories
A successful felting project starts with the right needles, but don't forget to pick up felting foam to protect your surfaces. Choose from a variety of brands that have the correct consistency and density to withstand your most rigorous needle felting project. Felting foam provides the perfect distortion-free work surface which is sturdy enough to withstand needling.

Starter Kits
Dive right in to your next project without shopping around. Try a starter kit to get your needle felting project of the ground. Many starter kits come with needles, foam, and unspun wool roving so you will be on your way to creating cute animals and memorable keepsakes in no time. Once you already have your own set of needles, pick up some extra wool roving to add a variety of colors to your newest creation.

Specialized Tools
Sometimes it takes a special tool to round out your collection and tackle the most unique projects. Try a felting needle tool from brands such as Colonial that can hold many needles at once if you would like to expedite your project and take your craft to the next level. Choose a knitting and crochet companion set to add cords of various lengths to your Interchangeable Knitting Needles and Crochet Hooks from Denise. The Chibi tapestry needle set by Clover comes with a handy carrying case to store that is a convenient way to store your needles.

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