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Mops & Brooms

Sweep up dust and mop away dirt and grime with this selection of mops and brooms. Choose from sweeper systems, wet and dry mops, and brooms of every type to make all your floor-cleaning jobs easy. Add buckets with wringers for easier mopping, or assemble your own broom or mop from component parts.

Multiple Broom Varieties
Angled brooms come with their own dust pans and are perfect for picking up dirt in corners. Traditional straight brooms with natural fiber bristles are just what you need to clean up a tool room or garage. Buy broom heads and handles separately to customize your cleaning tools. 

Modern Sweeper Designs
Pick up a sweeper for wood floors or a wet-cleaning sweeper model to keep kitchen, bathroom, and cement floors completely clean. Disposable cloths attach easily to Swiffer sweepers and are safe on wood, vinyl, ceramic, and tile floors. They can even be used as hand dusters for electronics and valuables. For carpeted floors, choose from a wide array of vacuum cleaners, including canister and upright models, to make cleaning fast and easy.

Versatile Mops
Choose from ready-to-use mops, some of which have scrubbers or self-wringing options attached. Select from mops with snap-on mop handles, dust mop frames, and mop heads, and assemble them to get just the combination you need for your cleaning problems. Steam mops let you clean different floor surfaces with the push of a button and come with microfiber cleaning pads to protect your floors.

Buckets and Pails
Heavy-duty plastic utility pails are available to make mopping easier and more convenient. Choose a rolling bucket with a built-in mop wringer to speed the cleaning of long hallways and large rooms. For incredibly efficient cleaning, add a caddy bag that hangs around a large bucket or trash can and provides a dozen large pockets for carrying cleaning supplies.


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  • Item  518419
    Model  T1

    Reliable Corporation Steamboy T1 Steam Floor Mop, 27.5 oz.

    Customer Rating
    Reviews forReliable Corporation Steamboy T1 Steam Floor Mop, 27.5 oz.
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    • Swivel floor mop features 2 washable microfiber pads for easy maintenance
    • Replaceable water filter allows you to clean the filter
    • Ideal for cleaning carpets, wood and ceramic floors without applying chemicals

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