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Sponges and Scrubbing Brushes

Some messes can be handled by quickly wiping it up, but burned-on stains need more effort. Sponges and scrubs let you tackle a wide variety of minor disasters and spills, whether you're in a professional kitchen or a breakroom with a kitchenette. Clean dishes and keep surfaces pristine.

Erase Easy Spills
Rather than wasting paper, use a sponge to remove liquid spills from countertops and surfaces, whether it's coffee or the remains of a coulis. Sponges absorb liquid and they can then be rinsed off in the sink to keep everything moving. At the end of the day, it's easy to sterilize them using a bleach and water mix or a sanitizer to get them ready for more spills the next day. 

Scrub Pans and Pots
Accidents happen in the kitchen, and many of them involve spilling food onto the outside of a pot. If it's wiped up quickly with a paper towel or a sponge, it's a small job. For more stubborn stains, a scourer might be needed. The same goes for a stain on a cooker that's burned on. Scourers wear away at the stain with a rough pad, so they're good for ceramic surfaces and stainless steel. 

Clean Dishes Easily
Scrubbers with bristles ensure that easy stains are removed quickly from mugs, dishes, and cutlery. Those with a handle and a mild scouring pad may also be able to dispense dish soap from that handle, so you don't have to worry about refilling the sink when it gets dirty; just let it drain and use running water. This also prevents grease buildup and staining from the detergent.


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