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Motherboards & Accessories

Thanks to motherboards and accessories, you have all the support you need for your computer. Designed for use at home, at work, and on the go, these accessories supply your device with more memory and better graphics. Enjoy faster speeds and higher quality while playing games or working on projects.

Amplify Sound
Hear sound more clearly when working at your job or playing at home. Motherboards and other computer accessories can amplify the sounds that you hear, making it easier to listen to videos at work and watch movies or play games at home.

Gain More Memory
A motherboard features multiple slots and spaces for memory cards. Adding more memory to your computer helps you open and load documents and files faster and download programs and files more efficiently. You can double or triple your available hard drive space with new memory cards used in your motherboard.

Support Graphics
Get the support that you need when playing video games at home with a motherboard. Capable of supporting large files and the impressive graphics found in high-end video games, improved sound and video cards can be added to your new motherboard so that you enjoy better graphic performance than ever.

Connect and Network
Connect two or more computers to the same network quickly and easily. You can run cords from each computer to the shared motherboard to give everyone on the network access to the information found on the central computer. Help your employees stay informed while in the office, or create a shared network between your spouse and kids at home.

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