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Movies & TV Shows

Enjoy watching your favorite movies and TV shows on Blu-ray or DVD in the comfort of your home. From classics to newer releases, pick movies for both kids and adults. Add to your home collection or buy a few for the office break room or visitors' lounge.

Educational Entertainment
Kids learn best when they're having fun, and educational shows offer the best of both worlds. Find high-quality television shows from trusted brands such as Sesame Street and Disney Educational shows engage kids while helping them learn letters, numbers, and problem-solving skills. These programs or movies are a great option for businesses that cater to children such as pediatric dentists and day care centers.

Save Money
Buying movies doesn't have to expensive. Save money by purchasing double features that include two movies for one low price. This is a great way to obtain prequels and sequels without breaking the bank. No need to purchase a subscription to Netflix. Get full seasons of popular TV shows so you can watch your favorite episodes whenever you want. Invite a few friends over and discuss characters or plot developments over a bowl of popcorn.

Enjoy Anywhere
These movies and TV shows are recorded on durable discs that are compatible with any Blu-ray or DVD player. Watch them in the comfort of your home, or use with a portable player to keep kids entertained while traveling. Some Blu-ray/DVD combo packs also include a digital copy that lets you stream the movie anywhere you have an Internet connection and compatible device.


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