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Multi-Purpose Tools

Multi-tools ensure that you have a full set of basic tools whenever you need them. Small businesses working in the field on installation or repair projects benefit greatly from versatile tools. Those with less hands-on revenue streams can still use these types of tools for minor repairs and work around the office.

Keep Key Tools Close at Hand
Multipurpose tools typically include pliers, screwdriver heads, knives, and a variety of other common tools. Keeping such a versatile collection close by ensures you have a means to tackle almost any impromptu project or repair.

Quickly Find the Right Tool for the Job
The compact design and integrated functions of the tool make it a great choice for work in the field. Check out our tool bags, belts, and pouches, which allow you to carry even more tools or safely store your multi-tool.

Save Time and Space
The form factor of a multipurpose tool lets you keep many different tool options available in a very small space. This cuts down on the time needed for organizing multiple tools.
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