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Music Books

Make musical training part of your curriculum with music books for kids. Printed books, CDs, and DVDs help kids master a range of musical skills. Choose books from Alfred Publishing and Faber & Faber to increase musical knowledge and teach kids the necessary skills to play an instrument or sing.

Teach Music
Teach kids about notes, scales, rhythm, and melodies with music books that focus on the basics. Music lessons designed for early childhood classrooms introduce musical concepts in a fun way, so kids enjoy their first forays into music and become open to the idea of future lessons in a specific instrument. Because the lesson plans are designed for younger learners, beginner books use simple concepts, such as rhyming, to make it easy for kids to remember their lessons.

Practice Pre-Learned Skills
Kids who are already immersed in learning an instrument or participating in a choir can practice skills learned in class with music books that offer extra drills and exercises. Music puzzles and activities help solidify musical concepts in a child's mind so that class time can be devoted to learning new material instead of rehashing the same lessons. Create a comprehensive arts-based curriculum by using both music lessons and art, drawing, and visual perception books in your classroom.

Offer In-Depth Instruction
Music books focused on a specific instrument can help kids expand their knowledge beyond what they learn in class. Whether a child is learning piano, banjo, flute, or drums, exploring books that introduce fun new songs can help ignite enthusiasm about the chosen instrument. Look for books that teach classical, rock, or pop songs to tailor music lessons to a kid's favorite musical style.

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