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NAS / Cloud Storage

Network attached storage devices offer your business a freestanding database that securely stores invaluable files to be shared across your private network. Network storage units can hold large amounts of data with expedient retrieval that can increase your productivity.

Tailored Storage Capacity
Whether you run a small business or are ever expanding, there is a network attached storage device that fits your needs. Network storage devices can provide more than six terabytes of space for your personal and business files. Partition your private data from the rest of the office data for optimal security. Store thousands of files, videos, presentations, photos, songs, and extended-memory files on a network storage device that provides fast transfers and retrievals of your data.

Protection Against Data Loss
Protect all of your files with a network attached storage device that automatically backs up the files on your computer and doesn't require an on-site archive system. Automatic file backup can prevent file loss caused by either power outages or hard drive failures. The range of network storage devices from trusted brands such as Buffalo provide you with dozens of secure models perfect for both home or business.

Network Flexibility
Achieve network flexibility with a network attached storage device that provides instant access to your files from the office or over the Internet anywhere in the world. Files can be shared through your secure office intranet connection or across the Internet and secured with easy-to-use accessibility options that allow you to designate who may view the files. Cloud network storage devices provide integrated access to all your storage devices at home, in the office, or on your mobile device.

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