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Network Storage

Network attached storage (NAS) devices, also known as NAS drives, let you create a standing database of your most important business or personal files and share those files with people who have access to your network. A NAS drive gives you everything you need to store large amounts of business or private data quickly and easily. Network storage drives come in disk or diskless varieties, letting you choose the right setup for your needs.

Multiple Capacity Options
Network attached storage (NAS) devices are available in a wide selection of capacities, allowing you to choose the best option for your needs. Capacities ranging from 1 TB to 6 TB or more are available for companies that require additional network storage for large network logs, media presentations, and other commonly used files. The ability to choose your own capacity lets you pick the perfect network storage options for your business or personal files.

Automatic File Backup
A NAS drive connects quickly and easily to a network for automatic file backup. This eliminates the need for on-site archives and helps prevent loss due to drive failures, power outages, or system intrusion and corruption. For other large file backup and storage options, try one of the many secure network attached storage drives available for both business and personal use.

Choose Your Network
Network attached storage (NAS) devices allows you to access files from virtually anywhere with network access. With a NAS drive you can choose to share files over your local business intranet or across the Internet. The ability to choose your network helps protect your files and ensures that they are only accessible to those with permission.

Network storage drives can greatly enhance your productivity and the functionality your network is capable of. Along with other innovative Staples networking products like Ethernet switches and powerline adapters, NAS drives take your computer network to the next level. Shop our selection today!


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    TRENDnet TN-200T1 2-Bay NAS Media Server Enclosure, 1 TB
    Item IM1RW0191
    Model TN-200T1

    TRENDnet TN-200T1 2-Bay NAS Media Server Enclosure, 1 TB

    Customer Rating
    TRENDnet TN-200T1 2-Bay NAS Media Server Enclosure, 1 TB
    (0  reviews)
    • 1 TB/ 2-Bay/ 1 x SATA
    • RAID JBOD, 0, 1
    • Quickly expand your storage or download media with the external USB port, Share content using the FTP server or create login profiles with restricted remote access
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1 items
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