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NAS / Cloud Storage

Safely and securely store important data, files and programs with network attached storage. Capable of holding large amounts of information, it makes it easy for multiple users to share and retrieve documents quickly and efficiently from one central location. Shop Staples to choose from a wide range of the top names in network storage solutions.

Network Attached Storage Offers a Safe Place to Store Electronic Files
NAS devices provide an easy, secure place to store a variety of files and information. Equipped with anywhere from a single terabyte of space to more than a hundred terabytes, they offer an expanded storage location for data, freeing up space on personal and office computers. Models featuring a built-in firewall act as a buffer between themselves and the Internet, blocking unwanted attempts to access sensitive personal information. Some devices feature a guest setup option, which allows clients, friends or family to access the Internet in homes and businesses without gaining access to other components on the network.

Use NAS Storage to Routinely Backup Data
Computer crashes, glitches and viruses are all capable of damaging or erasing important files. Network storage options with automatic, real-time backup functions save a copy of those working files, making it simple to restore lost files and data after a computer malfunction. Without needing to hook up a separate device or remember to manually backup data, NAS helps keep an up-to-date record of all of your work, giving you peace of mind.

Who Should Use NAS Drives?
There are NAS solutions designed for every level of user. From the home office to large business complexes, there is a setup manufactured to fit the needs of nearly every environment. Smaller, more compact options are suitable for personal and small office use, providing the necessary amount of storage to function at an accessible and affordable level. More robust options with larger amounts of space and enhanced connectivity features are optimal for larger businesses, providing convenient cloud storage to 10s or 100s of employees simultaneously. All of these devices offer an easy way to share files with all users on the network, making it simple to give everyone access to the same documents and information for enhanced collaboration.

How do you Setup NAS Drives?
Most drives feature a simple-to-use interface, accessible through devices on the same LAN, which guides users through the process of setup and configuration. Available in both wired and wireless designs, it's simple to connect them to almost any local network. In just a few quick steps, these products are ready to use.

How do you Expand NAS Storage?
Many professional-level devices are designed to link together with more than one NAS product, allowing users to expand their network as they grow and change. Some also offer the ability to be outfitted with larger disks capable of holding more information, making it simple to update devices as storage needs shift and expand. Cluster multiple drives together, each assigned to a different task, to tackle all of your back-ups, file housing and server function requirements.
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