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NAS / Cloud Storage

Secure data storage is crucial for businesses. On-site network attached storage (NAS) safely backs up files and protects client confidentiality by keeping everything under password and in-house.

Safe Access to Private Documents From Almost Anywhere
Permanent storage with quick access to files is important for any office. The software on most NAS devices facilitates safe access to files remotely. This provides data storage with complete control, with the added advantage of easy access to files from anywhere with a secure internet connection. The storage device can be accessed via an internal network or across the internet. A unique IP address helps to protect your data against malware and intrusion.

Network Attached Storage Deletes Data Safely
Rather than being backed up to a series of servers spread across the internet, photographs and personal data are in private, password-protected storage. When data is deleted, it is permanently erased. This removes the concern that a duplicate copy may still exist on a remote server.

Upload Directly From Personal Electronic Devices
Free up space on personal cell phones, tablets and laptops and keep the uploaded data safely encrypted and protected by a firewall. Connect the storage device to your home network, and your current devices will recognize the equipment on the network to access its features. Added to the advantage of this function is the elimination of monthly fees and caps on available space.

Is an NAS Device Adequate in a Small Business Office Environment?
Centrally located on the local network, the storage device allows approved users access to stored documents with a password. Users can be assigned their own password-protected file folders. Many devices have software enabling the unit to be a printer, email, multimedia or database server for multiple computers. With both horizontal and vertical scalability, NAS offers many of the features of a larger LAN or WAN environment in a compact set-up.

Will a Storage Device Stream Stored Media?
In addition to downloading and storing video and music files, these devices can also stream files over other electronic devices. The network attached storage will stream through whatever is connected, from computers and handheld devices to smart TVs.

Does the Device Work With a Game Console?
Many models can easily stream music and movies to Universal Plug 'n Play and Digital Living Network Alliance-certified devices, including game consoles. Game data can be backed up onto the device.

Why Is Network Accessed Storage Recommended Instead of a High-Capacity External Hard Drive?
The single connection with an external hard drive is limited to storing files and software for an individual computer, without the ability to share files among other computers or devices in the home and office. Network accessed storage has the capability to encrypt files for added protection.

How Much Storage Does the Device Have?
For users who want to back up one or two home computers, there are units with fixed storage of as little as 500 gigabytes. For more flexibility, some devices have multiple bays for adding hard drives for more storage. Some models have a bank of USB ports for attaching multiple external hard drives. The devices are scalable, so there's no limit to the amount of possible storage space. Certain brands also partner with cloud storage providers for further memory and redundancy.
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Cisco 1Gbps Plug-in module RJ-45 Ethernet SFP Transceiver
Item : IM1RJ5259 / Model : DS-SFP-GE-T=
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  • 1 x 1000Base-T LAN, Interfaces/ports details: 1 x RJ-45 1000Base-T LAN
  • Form factor: Plug-in module
  • Connectivity media: Category 5 UTP 1000Base-T, Data transfer rate: 1Gbps gigabit ethernet
Qnap® 2200 mAh Battery for ES1640DC Storage Server (BBU-A01-2200MAH)
Item : IM14X0411 / Model : BBU-A01-2200MAH
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  • Battery for NAS series ES1640DC storage server
  • Dimensions: 4.6" x 3.1" x 1.3"
  • Battery: Proprietary battery size, 2200 mAh capacity
Qnap® 16GB DDR3 DIMM RAM Module (RAM-16GDR3EC-RD-1600)
Item : IM14X0405 / Model : RAM-16GDR3EC-RD-1600
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  • RAM module ensures a faster, efficient computing experience
  • Features 16GB DDR3 memory, 1600 MHz speed
  • Compatible with ES1640dc enterprise ZFS NAS series server
Qnap® LAN-40G2SF-MLX Dual-Port 40GbE SFP+ Network Expansion Card
Item : IM13T2882 / Model : LAN-40G2SF-MLX
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  • Total number of ports: 2
  • Expansion slot type: QSFP
  • Media type supported: Optical fiber
Lenovo® 9' 120 VAC Standard Power Cord For Server
Item : IM1XU8236 / Model : 00MJ242
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  • NEMA 5-15P connector on first end for convenience
  • Comes with IEC 60320 C13 connector on the second end
  • 9' cord for convenience
Qnap® 500 W Power Module for TVS-1271U-RP Storage Server (SP-B01-500W-S-PSU)
Item : IM14X0407 / Model : SP-B01-500W-S-PSU
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  • Power module for a complete, efficient, switching regulator-based power supply into one package
  • Compatible with systems TVS-1271U-RP storage server
  • Weight: 1.98 lbs.
HP MSA 2040 96TB 12-Bay SAN Array (K2R79SB)
Item : IM11F4589 / Model : K2R79SB
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  • 3.5" x 12 bay SAN server up to 96TB with 768TB expansion hard drive capacity supports multiple user applications
  • RAID: 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 50
  • Ethernet technology: 10 Gigabit Ethernet, SAN interface: Fiber channel, iSCSI
Monoprice® 600 mm Wallmount Server Cabinet, 15U
Item : 1257579 / Model : 110333
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  • Dimensions: 769 mm(H) x 600 mm(W) x 600 mm(D)
  • Material: 2 mm SPCC high-quality cold roll steel post
  • Form factor: 15U
Qnap® 16-Bay NAS Server, TDS-16489U-SA2-US
Item : IM11V7284 / Model : TDS-16489U-SA2-US
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  • 16-bay NAS server
  • Processor: Intel Xeon E5-2620 v3 2.4 GHz hexa core, RAM: 128GB DRAM
  • RAID Levels: 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, hot spare
Qnap® Drive Mount Kit for NAS Series EJ1600/ES1640dc (SP-ES-TRAY-WOLOCK)
Item : IM14X0406 / Model : SP-ES-TRAY-WOLOCK
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  • Drive mount kit for NAS series server
  • Compatible with systems ES NAS series EJ1600, ES1640dc
  • Has four black flat head machine screw for 2 1/2" HDD and for silver flat head machine screw for 3 1/2" HDD
Monoprice® 450 mm Wallmount Server Cabinet, 6U
Item : 1257578 / Model : 110334
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  • Dimensions: 380 mm(H) x 600 mm(W) x 450 mm(D)
  • Material: 2 mm SPCC high-quality cold roll steel post
  • Form factor: 6U
Monoprice® 600 mm Wallmount Server Cabinet, 9U
Item : 1257575 / Model : 110337
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  • Dimensions: 501 mm(H) x 600 mm(W) x 600 mm(D)
  • Material: 2 mm SPCC high-quality cold roll steel post
  • Form factor: 9U
HP® 1000 32TB 12-Bay NAS Server, K2R17SB
Item : IM1YZ6732 / Model : K2R17SB
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  • NAS server, number of bays: 12, total capacity: 32TB
  • Processor: Intel Xeon E5-2609v3 1.9 GHz hexa core, RAM: 16GB
  • drive interface: Serial ATA/600