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Nail Clippers, Polish & Care

Maintain excellent personal hygiene for your fingernails and toenails with nail clippers, polish, and care supplies. Also provide your nails with the desired look to beautify or make a statement about your personality. Meet all of your practical hygiene needs or creative interests in one stop.

Personal Hygiene
Practice superior nail hygiene with well-constructed nail clippers that provide safe and precise trimming. Manual nail clippers are manufactured from high-quality steel for extra durability. Electric nail trimmers are also available to provide a convenient and quick nail clipping experience.

Safety and Health
Choose nail clippers, polish, and care products crafted with latex free material, and avoid concern about latex allergies or hypersensitivities. Nourish brittle nails with outstanding cuticle creams that soften and moisturize the cuticles. Selecting creams with natural ingredients and vitamins, such as almond oil, cocoa seed butter, and vitamin-E ensure your nails will remain healthy and strong.

The variety of nail brushes will allow you to design and paint according to your desires. Draw fine details, special patterns, flowers or whatever you can imagine with attractively designed and sturdily constructed brushes. Nail painting and drawing products can be used on all types of nails, such as natural, acrylic, false, or gel nails. Other grooming items, such as hair picks, ensure your personal care kit meets all your customers' needs.

Use nail polish remover that does not contain acetone or latex to remove mistakes or start a new creation and reinvent your appearance. Nail files crafted with long lasting surface materials are an important part of creating the nail appearance desired. Each nail file is perfect for general manicure purposes such as sculpting extremely smooth and shapely nails, and is constructed with materials that add durability.

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