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Make quick work of crumbs and spills by keeping a supply of paper napkins on hand. Ideal for snacks, parties, meals, and more, paper napkins allow for easy cleanup with little effort. Top brands provide the quality you need even for larger jobs.

Easy to Use
Instead of fussing with wet washcloths or sponges, simply provide napkins to help diners stay neat during mealtime. Napkins are easy to simply throw away after use, making cleanup a snap.

Lots of Patterns
Choose from white, colored, or patterned napkins to add a pop of style to any event. Pair decorative napkins with disposable plates to create charming place settings.

Quality Brands
With options from brands including EasyNap and SCA, you can be assured your napkins are up to the task of keeping messes contained. Plus, large package sizes ensure you'll never run out unexpectedly.
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