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Napkins make it easy to clean up during meals, tackling crumbs, spills and other little messes that occur as a result of food and beverages. A staple for kitchens, breakrooms and cafeterias, they come in standard and bulk packages to suit multiple needs. Staples carries a wide selection of brands including Bounty, Vanity Fair and Georgia-Pacific.

Choose from Several Sizes and Colors
Paper napkins come in 1, 2 and 3-ply designs, offering varying degrees of absorbency with 3-ply being suitable for heavy meals such as lasagna, meatloaf and tacos. Standard hospitality brands offer plain white and kraft options while others impart fun and festive designs, adding a pop of personality to breakfast, lunch and dinner. Brands like JAM Paper offer colorful options that make excellent complementary accessories to a party or get together, and some have celebratory messages for graduations, weddings and other special events.

In addition to colors, they also come in a wide range of sizes. Those designed for beverages typically measure 5 x 5 inches or smaller, and work well in bars or cafes where customers sit at a counter. Mealtime options range from 5.9 x 6.2 inches to 13 x 12.75 inches when unfolded and include those meant for tabletop or lap use. Fast food eateries, cafes and dine-in restaurants often use folded napkins in a pop-up dispenser that has one or two slots for easy reach, or in a standard napkin holder that fits the theme of the eatery.

Enhance Dining Experiences with Thicker Designs
Embossed napkins are usually thicker, and some brands offer a quilted design for increased absorbency. If you're looking for a more formal option, consider cloth-like products like those offered by Vanity Fair. They come with minimal designs and match with any type of decor, making them a versatile option for upscale parties and gourmet restaurants. Those looking for a quicker option can choose wet naps to clean up after particularly juicy meals such as lobster, ribs and crab legs.

Increase Versatility and Use with Multiple Pack Sizes
Standard packs include between 100 and 400 napkins while bulk packs contain several individual packages in a case of 6,000 or more, depending on the type and brand. Standard packs work well for small offices and home use while the bulk packages are well-suited for large corporate offices and hospitality businesses such as restaurants and hotels. Specialty units, like those for celebrations, come in smaller packs of 25 to 50, though they are available in bulk for those who have large parties. Companies who go through them quickly should consider signing up for the auto-restock service, which delivers products at set intervals to keep adequate supplies on hand at all times.

Shop Eco-Friendly Options for Sustainability
Eco-conscious shoppers with a focus on sustainability will find a wide range of paper napkins made from recycled materials. Some have a biodegradable construction while others feature 100 percent recycled fibers with up to 60 percent consisting of post-consumer materials. The ability to recycle and reuse vastly reduces the amount of waste in landfills, and they're often made into new units.
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