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Neck Supports

Neck supports hold the neck still and provide support for the head to reduce pain and promote healing following an injury. Neck supports provide immediate relief to patients with neck trauma. Stock a supply of supports in different sizes to distribute to patients immediately for quicker pain relief.

Lightweight Support
Foam cervical collars provide lightweight support following neck and spine injuries. Keep a supply of universal foam collars for temporary use by patients with possible neck injuries during the diagnostic stage. Stock cervical collars in infant, pediatric, and adult sizes in your first aid kit to immediately restrict the neck movement of accident victims.

Full Stabilization
Rigid immobilizers restrict head movement with rigid plastic supports to stabilize the neck during healing. Select models with soft foam against the skin and rear ventilation panels for comfort, and add shoulder and clavicle supports when necessary for further immobilization. Models with tracheotomy openings are useful for monitoring the patient's pulse in addition to emergency tracheotomy support.

Choose latex-free neck supports to avoid allergic reactions and irritation in patients and health care providers with latex allergies. High-density synthetic foam provides support without triggering allergies, and soft cotton covers put an all-natural hypoallergenic material next to the patient's skin. Removable covers are easy to clean regularly minimizing dust build-up for further allergy support.

Less Stress
Neck supports reduce patient stress by decreasing pain levels following neck trauma. Even when immobilization is not necessary, a lightweight, foam cervical collar keeps patients more comfortable to promote relaxation for quicker healing. Neck cushions provide another lightweight option for support when patients are resting or sleeping.

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