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Photo Paper & Supplies

Photo/brochure paper is perfect for businesses who need promotional materials. The high-quality paper types will allow projects to come out looking professional. There are many styles, including trifold brochure kits, photo paper in matte and glossy styles, and wide format styles.

Unique Sizes and Styles
You can create your own promotional materials in trifold styles and wide format sizes, too, withphoto/brochure paper. You can store them in folders or out in the open for clients to take with them when they leave the office.

Multiple Uses
Use photo/brochure paper to create matte or glossy photo prints, making it easy to show off your latest customer photos and more. The brochure paper is normally available in a kit, so you can create a professional-looking menu, an easy-to-read price sheet, or another type of document.

Varied Colors
Make your projects stand out with this photo/brochure paper. You can find paper in bright colors, pastel tones, and more.
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