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Network Adapters

A network adapter makes it easy to outfit your desktop or laptop computer for Internet or company intranet access. Often in the form of an Ethernet card or a network card, these let you use your existing wireless router and networking setup without needing to buy new motherboards, wireless range extenders or systems, providing a cost-effective way to upgrade the capabilities of your office and data center. Once installed, a PCI or USB network adapter provides a fast, stable connection to the network of your choice.

Many Adapter Types
Network adapters come in a variety of forms. Internal Ethernet card adapters fit into PCI network card slots on your system, sitting alongside graphics processing units or similar adapters for printers and other peripheral devices. A USB network adapter connects to either internal or exterior USB ports, and its simple connections make it easy to swap adapters that use this common device interface as needed.

Wired or Wireless
Adapters can use either wired or wireless connections. The type of adapter or network card you choose will offer one of these options or both, ensuring that the adapter you select will have everything you need to get connected. To ensure that your network remains safe and stable, try a powerful firewall device.

Simple Setup
Network adapters slide into an available USB port or card slot on your computer. This simple setup makes it easy to get your Ethernet / network card or adapter installed and running as quickly as possible. The easy installation process ensures that almost anyone can connect adapters to a free port or slot, reducing the need for skilled network technicians or installers during initial setup.


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