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Nike + iPod

Nike iPod systems deliver accurate tracking in an easy-to-use format. Simply slide the sensor into your shoe as you run, jog, or walk and the device does all the tracking for you. It interfaces easily with your iPod device for quick and easy monitoring and workout planning.

Easily Track Workouts
Advanced electronics in the Nike iPod sensor track numbers of steps and jumps taken or miles traveled and calories consumed. This information is accurately recorded for later use when customizing your workouts.

Comfortable Fit
The iPod sensors fit neatly in your Nike shoes for simple use. For added comfort and enjoyment on your workout, check out EarPods and headphones compatible with the iPod device.

Instant Feedback
Quick and simple connection allows the Nike iPod system to provide instant feedback. The information provided by the sensor helps you get the most out of your workout regimen.
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Apple® Nike + iPod Sensor
Item: 164170 / Model : MA368LL/E
  • Extra sensor for your Nike+ shoes
  • Data sync to track workouts
  • Upload data from the sensor so you can track your workouts over time