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Nikon D800 FX-Format Digital SLR Camera, Body Only

Nikon D800 FX-Format Digital SLR Camera, Body Only

Item: 960721    Model: 25480S

Nikon D800 FX-Format Digital SLR Camera, Body Only
( 1 reviews)
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36.3 Megapixels35.9 x 24.0 mm CMOS sensor (Nikon FX format)High-speed CF and SD dual card slots. SD (Secure Digital) and UHS-I compliant SDHC and SDXC memory cards; Type I CompactFlash memory cards (UDMA compliant)EachNikon D800 FX-FORMAT DIGITAL SLR CAMERA, BODY ONLYNikon D800 FX-Format Digital SLR Camera, Body Only3449.99USD$std$$thb$

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Nikon D800 FX-Format Digital SLR Camera, Body Only

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Most Helpful Positive Review


Debunking all myths

I recieved my D800E in time for a two-week photo trek through Peru. It was intended to be used as a back-up to my D4, but it quickly became the go-to camera for portraits...Read complete review

I recieved my D800E in time for a two-week photo trek through Peru. It was intended to be used as a back-up to my D4, but it quickly became the go-to camera for portraits and lanscape shots. The camera perfomed wonderfully under all types of conditions. Unlike all the reviews I had read, this camera can indeed be: Hand-held at slow speeds instead of only being tripod mounted. Used at high ISO speeds with incredible detail. Used for shots involving a lot of textile and colors. If moire is an issue, stop down the lens a bit more and eliminate any concerns. The lenses most often used on this camera were the 50mm f/1.4 and the 16mm - 35mm zoom. I am attaching some photos and 100% crops to show detail. All are hand-held, speeds up to 1/90th and ISO between 200 and 800.


Most Helpful Negative Review


Great Images -- can not use Adobe RAW or see SD card

I waited 6 months for the camera to be delivered and after getting all the accessories and new lenses I was ready (new CF & SD card, software updates from Adobe Lightroom 4,...Read complete review

I waited 6 months for the camera to be delivered and after getting all the accessories and new lenses I was ready (new CF & SD card, software updates from Adobe Lightroom 4, Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended, USB 3.0 router, New GPS and Nikon Microphone) It finally arrive two days before Father’s day (great present for me) and I started shooting some test shots at La Jolla shores seals. Shots look great in the camera so I attached the D800’s new USB cord to the new 3.0 router plugged into a 3.0 port and right away there was a problem. I get a message “Your transfers will go faster if you use a 3.0 USB portâ€�. Could it be the router is wrong or the cable? Re-cabled the camera directly into the USB 3 of the computer and got the same message. Ignored it and started Nikon Transfer (newest version) and it was slow and the images came across and were displayed in Viewer. Also, opened the images in Nikon NX2 NEF (RAW) and they looked great but after making some corrections, I was not able to save as a NEF file â€" got an error message and had to convert to TIFF to save the changes. No problem â€" yet. Next, I tried to open the NEF files in Adobe Lightroom 4, and they would not DISPLAY or copy. I was using “Lossless compressionâ€� so I thought it might be an incompatibility with Adobe’s new RAW version 7.1 but I got the same results when I tried to open the NEF in Photoshop CS6 Extended. Nothing would display, only an error message saying Adobe does not recognize the file type. Shot some test shots without compression (NEF/RAW) and tried to download them directly from the camera in Lightroom 4 and Adobe CS6, same error message. Took the CF card OUT OF THE CAMERA, and put in a card reader and tried to view them in Lightroom 4 and CS6 and FINALLY!!! I could see the images and copy them directly to Adobe, open them in NX2 and work and save them as NEF files. Next problem showed when I tried to format the two cards in the camera. I should have been given a choice to select CF or SF but there was no choice and the format process only took place on the CF card (a Lexar 32gb 1,000x expensive card). The SD card (SanDisk Extreme Pro 64gb 95mb/s) card could NOT be seen through the cable using NX2. To format the SD card you must REMOVE the CF card first. I called Nikon Technical support and after two hours waiting and talking to “NU_DELLIâ€� I was told to ship my brand new Nikon D800 to a Nikon Repair station for repair. WHAT??? No one tested this before shipping millions of cameras or was it just mine. I called three friends that just got their D800’s and they all came over and found the same results. THERE’S SOMETHING IN THE HARDWARE OR SOFTWARE THAT CORRUPTS RAW IMAGES IN THE CAMERA if the cable is used to transfer the images and the format operation needs an update. By the way, the first thing I did when I got the new camera was upgrade the camera BIOS to the latest version. What is Nikon doing about it? I called today and they said “We’re working one itâ€� The work-around for all you Nikon lovers before you switch to the dark side and dump Nikon for Canon â€" AGAINâ€"is to get a good USB 3.0 card reader. Amazon has some at great prices. Shoot your RAW images, remove the card, insert it into the card reader and transfer your images using Nikon Transfer or windows copy command and then everything works some-what OK. Needless to say I still have my Nikon F1, a NASA Titanium F2S servo & motor drive with data back, FE, FG, F4 with data back, F5 with data back, D100, D200, D300 all with grips and they all still work great. I have spent almost $10,000 on a new system to find it doesn’t work correctly and I will have to ship it to El Segundo for how knows how long at my expense and wait. I’ve already waited 6 months to get it and now I’m going to have to give it up for repair. My recommendation, wait and don’ buy another Nikon product until they fix the problems, and bring Technical support back to the US where we can understand them.

Reviewed by 129 customers

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Great Camera

By Brownbomber2

from Missouri, USA

Comments about Nikon D800 FX-Format Digital SLR Camera, Body Only:

I went from a D3200 to the D800 and found it easy to learn. I use it with a Nikon 500mm F/4 super telephoto lens and love it. It recently developed a focusing issue and is currently in the shop at Nikon, forcing me to use my D7100. There is night and day difference in the two cameras, even though the D7100 is an excellent camera. My wish and advice for Nikon is to improve this camera by removing the ability to do video and concentrate all the electronics and image processing for still photos and maybe to increase the ability to shoot and focus a bit faster. I have never done a video with the camera and have no intention of doing one. I love outdoor photography and the resolution of this sensor is outstanding. The new D810 just looks like a D800 E to me with a different number. Make a camera for just still photography for us die hard camera buffs!

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By Kyle1234

from Minnesota, USA

Comments about Nikon D800 FX-Format Digital SLR Camera, Body Only:

I have decided to leave Nikon. Quality problems and Nikon's refusal to take video seriously. The D800 is an OK camera. There is really nothing special about it. I honestly think the Canon 6D is a better camera than this and its cheaper.

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just I loved......

By nikleon

from Waterbury, CT, USA

Comments about Nikon D800 FX-Format Digital SLR Camera, Body Only:

Awesome detail,perfect pic quality. Good features .

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Amazing performer, sloppy QA

By Hassaan

from Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Comments about Nikon D800 FX-Format Digital SLR Camera, Body Only:

A little background, I came here from a d5000 then a d7000 and now a d800, have been doing photography as a passion and as a profession for around 6 years. What to use it for: products, weddings, landscape, fashion, All around shooter for people who "KNOW" how to handle the beast. Or the learning curve will be steep and you might get disappointed quickly. What NOT to use it for: Pro Sports shooting or very fast paced action! (only for the modest burst rate) Let me break down the points; IQ: Superb. Enough said! The Image quality of this camera is quite amazing, it is extremely sharp, if you know how to use the tool and have good glass (not amazing, but good enough). Extremely useful (36 MP!!!!) for cropping or recomposing after fact and printing HUGE. ISO: Not very impressive, but in relation to the MP count and signal to noise ratios, it is well kept under control, The 6d and 5d 3 are way better even around ISO 800, but you sacrifice a lot in return. AF: auto focus system is quite amazing especially when in DX mode, as it covers mostly the entire frame! I haven't used it in complex situations much, but it sometimes lags in dim light, and that is to be expected to some extent. It also depends on the lens used for focusing speed. Battery performance: Not amazing, but adequate to my needs. Something you won't find out the easy way, the battery drains REALLY quick when plugged into the USB Port. This is apparently because the Camera stays ON the whole time it is connected, you could almost see the percentage falling . Nikon could easily work out a firmware update to fix such an issue I believe. Ruggedness: Very well built and sealed in a good manner, but nothing is perfect of course, on a fashion desert shoot the camera took quite a beating but the sensor also gained a few spots as well! Viewfinder/eye piece: bright, well placed, but not 100% comfortable to use, could be pumped out a little to help getting a more comfortable nose posture. What I like/ love: MP for large (I mean LARGE) prints, Dynamic Range, fine tuning control, Quality at low ISO. What could be better (personal preference): Controls layout (especially ISO button and Focus control), ergonomics, and ISO, Skin tones and colour reproduction is a little off for my taste, I prefer Canon's warmer skin tones, but Nikon's richer Dynamic range. What I dislike/ hate: Sensor was defective on my first unite (a complete vertical line of dead pixels), QA at Nikon is REALLY getting sloppy, if I face another issue like this with a Nikon product, I'm switching brands. Reliability is a MUST have when buying tools for business. I returned the unit and reseller will exchange it after inspection and after wasting a week of my time. How could this unite get out of the factory is beyond me! A unite aimed at hard enthusiasts to say the least should be inspected further in my humble opinion. Rating: 5 Stars for the very good balance between sensor size, Pixel count and Image Quality at this price range. The tool should not be punished for human mistakes at QA, should it?! ******Check your Camera and test it in in the Shop before you buy it.****** **A request for Nikon, PLEASE give us a firmware/ tool to do remapping of the sensor's dead pixels. So we don't have to SEND it to in or back to the store just to fix a couple of dead spots!**

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Truly Great Masterpiece

By Nikondoc

from Saudi arabia

Comments about Nikon D800 FX-Format Digital SLR Camera, Body Only:

I have the habit of buying things as soon as they are released. Had F4,D70,D700, before I heard about D800. Was too excited and couldn't wait to own one. Got it last year and put to use. Compared to D700 was a little tough to master initially but after I got the hang of it, never looked back. The output of this camera is amazing. Great detail and colour rendition. Always use it without flash with very satisfying low light results. It is truly Nikon's masterpiece. My advice to new users is to try better Nikkor lenses (My most favourite is 70-200mm f 2.8 VRII) ,and see the results on a good high definition computer monitor to really enjoy the potential of this great camera.

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