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Non Woven Pad Abrasives

Pad abrasives save you time and money, whether you're trying to create a smooth surface for a project or simply clean damaged or dirty areas in your office. Nonwoven materials trap and lift away imperfections. The pads are equally effective at cleaning dishes and smoothing rough raw materials.

Smooth Rough Surfaces
Nonwoven pad abrasives let you quickly wear down rough surfaces. The abrasive material scrubs and pulls away coarse material.

Excellent Cleaning
Pad abrasives make an excellent choice for cleaning tools and kitchen materials. For hard-to-reach places, check out the selection of tube brushes.

Pick the Right Pad
Abrasives come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and duty ratings. Heavy-duty pads work best for harder materials, while lightweight pads are perfect for softer materials and touchup work.
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