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Daycare & Playroom Furnishings

Give young children a strong foundation for learning and creativity with interactive nursery and playroom furnishings. Playhouses and pretend toys entertain kids while fostering mental and physical development. Find age-appropriate play sets from ECR4Kids, Whitney Brothers, and other top brands.

Promote Cognitive Development
Surround young children with play stations that spark their natural curiosity and offer exciting sensory exploration. Activity tables use interactive accessories to introduce toddlers to new sights, sounds, and textures, encouraging hands-on learning and pattern recognition. Equip your classroom or day care with science kits so kids can use observational skills and trial and error to discover how things work.

Support Creative Expression
Make arts and crafts a staple of your classroom to inspire creative thinking. Set up art tables that let children try out different art media, and use crafts supplies that introduce children to different colors, shapes, and textures. Choose from a wide range of multifunctional easels to help kids create their own masterpieces.

Strengthen Motor Skills
Give growing children countless opportunities to be active while fostering healthy physical development. Whether crawling through playhouse tunnels, building block castles, or coasting down water slides, children develop coordination and refine their motor skills by manipulating objects and testing out different types of motion. Outfit your spaces with toddler-sized benches, sofas, and stepping stairs that let kids feel independent when navigating their environment.

Encourage Imaginative Play
Step back and give youngsters a chance to make their own rules by providing nursery and playroom furnishings for pretend play. Design whimsical spaces with play kitchens and fairy tale forts where little ones can come up with make-believe games that help them understand their big world. Find play food, tool belts, doctors' kits, and other imaginative accessories to strengthen logic and ingenuity through role-playing.


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