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Take the edge off your hunger by keeping a variety of snacks at the ready, whether you're at home or at the office. Choose healthy snacks, such as nuts and trail mix, for a tasty energy boost that won't cause a crash. Select individual-size packs for added convenience.

Savory Crunch
Choose crunchy snacks such as Goldfish crackers from Pepperidge Farm or pretzels from H.K. Anderson for a savory, salty, and satisfying treat. A wide array of nuts are available from trusted brands such as Planters, providing you with an energy boost minus the sugar crash that cookies and candies can cause. Choose prepackaged crackers from Keebler that include flavors such as peanut butter and cheese, giving you delicious alternatives to standard snacks. 

Sweet Treats
Select snacks that boost your energy, satisfy your sweet tooth, and pair well with your midday coffee. Cookies from brands such as Biscoff come in multipacks of individual snacks, ensuring your selection stays fresh, and you get the proper serving size each time. Fruit snacks from brands such as Kellogg's provide a healthier alternative while still allowing you to get your sugar fix.

Healthy Alternatives
Discover healthy snack alternatives such as granola bars from brands like Nature Valley. These healthy bars provide extra energy while using fewer processed ingredients, helping you eat better and adhere to your nutritional plan. Bars from brands such as Zone Perfect even augment some diet plans, making it easy to stay on track when you're on the go.

Easy Breakfast
Use handy breakfast snacks as a simple way to get your morning meal even if you're in a hurry. Choose belVita breakfast biscuits in a variety of flavors to ensure you get the nutrition you need. Find individual-size Quaker hot cereals that allow you to prepare them in the office microwave when you need something a bit more substantial.
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