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Complete Panel Workstations

Divide an open work area with these complete panel workstations, which create individual work spaces. Each workstation is crafted with durable materials, making them an ideal option for dynamic offices. Select the best workstation for your space from brands such as OFM and Office Star Products.

Enhanced Privacy

Complete panel workstations are designed to offer privacy to employees without the separation of a closed office. Each model features privacy panels, so your staff members can focus on their individual projects. Half-panel models allow conversation, while full-height panels create a more personal space for independent workers. All workstations enable easy access, so your employees can move around safely.

Multiple Configurations

Whether you need to create one work area or partition off an entire floor, you'll find the perfect complete panel workstations for your needs. Use multiple quad workstations to make the most of an open area, or create a quiet work space with a single unit. In a collaborative office, select a unit that orients workstations toward a central point for easy communication.

Convenient Sizes

Whether you're working with a tiny office or an expansive loft, these complete panel workstations are a perfect fit. Select a small-scale model to make the most of limited space, or opt for an L-shaped workstation in a large room. Many workstations feature indented designs that let employees use desktop computers and office supplies without leaning uncomfortably.

Easy Movement

Each of these complete panel workstations is portable, so you can redesign your office layout at any time. Simply identify a new location and move the units. Don't worry about moving offices — each unit breaks down into smaller parts that are a breeze to transport.
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