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File Sorters

File sorters make it easy for you to sort documents by sender, department, or subject. They help keep your desktop clear of loose pages and can add a stylish element to your office. Choose from reputable brands such as Staples, Safco, and Rubbermaid.

Multiple Compartments
Select file sorters with up to eight compartments that you can use to separate mail, memos, financial documents, and other important office correspondence. Incline file sorters are also available and are useful for easily locating sorted files or documents with clearly printed labels.

Durable Construction
Choose file sorters that are constructed from high-quality materials that can withstand continuous use, including steel, wire, wood, and heavy-duty plastic. Many of the sorters available have coated finishes that prevent chipping and other damage and enhance their visual appeal.

Various Styles
Choose incline vertical organizers for your standard-sized colored file folders if you want quick and easy access to your documents. Use desk tray file sorters for letter and legal-sized office correspondence that you need to copy, fax, or file. Wooden vertical sorters are aesthetically pleasing and durable enough for your notebooks, magazines, and writing pads. Select styles with shiny chrome finishes or unique, colorful designs to make your work area more vibrant.

These file sorters accommodate desks of all shapes and sizes, so you can easily find one that suits your needs. If you have a large desk, select one of our larger sorters, or place a small sorter on each corner of your desk. If you have a small work area, choose from a number of compact, multi-tier designs.

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