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Pencil Sharpeners

Quality pencil sharpeners are a must-have for any office or classroom that uses pencils frequently. Staples offers a selection of the best pencil sharpeners, each of which efficiently produces the sharp points required for writing. Some of the most common types are hand-held, manual and electric pencil sharpeners. Units that run on electricity are quick, efficient and dispose of shavings without a mess, whereas manual pencil sharpeners are cost-effective and appropriate for moderate use.

Easy Pencil Maintenance

For office and personal use, the best pencil sharpeners are durable and finely-tuned to keep writing instruments in working condition. Electric pencil sharpeners are ideal for large office use as they quickly sharpen the pencil to a fine point and allow easy disposal of shavings. Battery-operated sharpeners provide added flexibility and allow users to place the device wherever needed. For small office or personal use, hand-held or hand-crank pencil sharpeners are practical and cost-effective.

Compact Design

Most models of manual and electric pencil sharpeners are compact in design, which makes them an ideal choice where space is at a premium. Choose from the wall mount or table-top options to suit your requirement. Pencil sharpeners that run on power feature a quiet motor with overload protection to ensure it works hard without disturbing the classroom or work area while in operation. They also comprise of a large shavings receptacle, which is helpful for heavy use and a built-in safety switch that automatically shuts off motor on overheating.

Customized Use

Many of the best pencil sharpeners have a multiple-size dial that sharpens wood, composite and recycled pencils, which is an excellent choice for extensive classroom or office use. The helical steel blades in these units ensure they produce a perfect tip while their rotating blade technology enables faster sharpening. Some models also have the unique auto-stop functionality that prevents over sharpening in order to extend pencil life.

Quality pencil sharpeners keep pencils in sharp, usable condition at all times. Keep one on your desk or at home to ensure a nice sharp pencil is at hand. Depending upon the level of use, choose from the various options of manual, battery-operated or electric pencil sharpeners for a convenient sharpening experience.
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