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Dot Matrix Printers

Dot matrix printers, also referred to as impact printers, use technology different from laser and ink jet printers, which lets them print information through multiple page, carbon-copy forms in a single pass. Creating an instant copy of data lets you manage billing, shipping, and warehousing areas with efficiency. Dot matrix printers from companies such as Epson and OKI provide fast printing for busy locations.

Fast, Accurate Printing
Dot matrix solutions can reach close to 600 characters per second, letting you print an entire month's billing or the entire day's worth of shipping invoices quickly. Dot matrix printers use specialty computer paper that features holed margins to guide the paper through the printing feed. Extra page guidance reduces the chance of jams, letting staff concentrate on work instead of babysitting printer functionality.

Durable Hardware
Dot matrix printers from Epson and OKI carry a range of manufacturers' warranties, including 1-, 2-, and 3-year guarantees. Some printers are rated at 20,000 hours of reliable printing, ensuring you receive maximum value from your hardware purchase. Many impact printers include ribbons with a life up to 4 million characters.

Green Printer Options
The Epson and OKI dot matrix printer lines include models that carry environmental certifications. Select from printers that feature Energy Star compliance certifications to reduce power draw in your office and comply with internal environmental processes. Green printers offer the same capacity and flexibility as other dot matrix models.

Multiple Connectivity and Form Options
Select the dot matrix printer that's right for your office. Options include printers that connect via USB or parallel ports. You can also select printers that meet your form needs; options include units that accept five-, six-, or seven-part forms.
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