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OR & Surgical Face Masks

From convex shapes to flat shapes, OR and surgical face masks protect the nose and mouth. Antimicrobial masks absorb aerosol droplets to prevent illness. Choose a sensitive skin mask for extra comfort, or purchase a face shield to guard against debris and fluids.

Face Masks
OR and surgical face masks fit comfortably on the face while protecting against bacteria and debris. Choose a tie mask or a mask with ear loops for the best fit, and buy in bulk to build inventory. Antimicrobial masks work to protect operating room staff from influenza and other viruses, while sensitive skin masks prevent skin irritation. Go for a face mask with an eyeshield to guard the face and eyes against fluids. Double the protection with surgical gloves to ensure a safe procedure.

Face Shields
Face shields are a must in a variety of medical settings, from care facilities to hospitals and doctor's offices. Medical staff can keep them on hand to ensure that they are always prepared in situations that require the utmost protection for both staff and client. Latex-free face shields guard the eyes and face while allowing full vision and movement. The anti-fog capabilities of the face shields keep the shield clear, and the contoured foam keeps the mask comfortable. Dispose of the lenses when needed, and pair the shield with a face mask to feel even more secure in the operating room.

Safety Glasses
Keep eyes protected during medical procedures with disposable safety glasses and protective goggles. The latex-free glass lenses remain clear in the operating room. Order the lens-only glasses in boxes of 250 to make sure you always have a pair on hand, or choose the goggles for handling hazardous materials. The vinyl frames and air vents allow for extra comfort.

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